Gas Mileage Devices



Gas Mileage Devices

Improve Gas Mileage by Tracking Best Fuel Economy

Gas mileage devices show us how to save money on gas by providing immediate, measured feedback on how to improve gas mileage and get the best fuel economy possible.   Most people know intuitively that how they drive affects fuel economy.   But we forget...

Gas Mileage Devices - Our Friendly Reminder     gas mileage devices

Gas mileage devices are like an electronic post it note on your dashboard reminding you of your goal (a new big screen TV instead of filling up your gas station's pockets?).  They constantly track a myriad of variables including things like average speed, fuel used, distance to empty and trip fuel economy - your personal gas mileage calculator.  With gas mileage devices, we can almost automatically adjust our driving styles to improve mpg in realtime.  Some gas mileage devices also track detailed data on everything from battery voltage, coolant temperature, engine load, and fuel rate to ignition timing.  Others can check your engine for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) so you can address a potential 'service engine soon' problem before it becomes a reality, they can even turn off your check engine light for you.

Who Can Use an Electronic Gas Mileage Device?

Pretty much anyone who drives a 1996 and newer car or light truck.  Vehicles were mandated then to be equipped with an OBDII (on-board diagnostics) connector that measured what the engine was doing emmission-wise.  Gas mileage devices are basically gadgets that plug in to the OBDII connector that provide all kinds of information on engine performance and how to save money on gas.  Parents with teens like gas mileage devices because they can track how far and how fast their teenager drove their car last night!

The Best Gas Mileage Devices    gas mileage devices

It's widely held that the best gas mileage devices, also known as scan tools, data loggers or performance meters, are the ScanGaugeII and the Auterra Dyno-Scan DashDynoSPO.  Both mount in your vehicle and log your engines data.  DIY hho guys recommend the Auterra Dyno-Scan, but both will work.  The DashDynoSPO also includes GPS info, with Palm pda software and Google Earth vehicle playback.  Scan tool prices depend on the coolness factor.

Installing Gas Mileage Devices

How do you find the plug to connect the gas mileage device?  The OBDII connector is a 16-pin connector that should be located within one meter of the steering column inside your vehicle.  In most cases it is under the dash slightly to the left or right of the steering column.  Sometimes it's concealed behind the ashtray or a plastic cover.  If you're really looking for how to save money on gas, gas mileage devices can definitely take out the guess work.  


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