H2O to HHO Conversion



H2O to HHO Conversion 

Secret Unleashed:   How to Build and Install A Hydrogen Generator to Run Your Vehicle On Water and Gas - Hydrogen Conversion Demystified.

A water fuel saver can increase your gas mileage. This hho hydrogen conversion technology has been around for years and yet supressed by big oil to keep us buying more gas. With prices rising at the pump daily, it makes sense to consider your options.

What Do You Need for h2o to hho conversion ?

ready-made hho kits  

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 "HHO provides the atomic power of Hydrogen, while maintaining the chemical stability of water."

Building a homemade HHO gas conversion can be done with very little modification to a vehicle's engine and can easily be removed.  You need a diagram and a parts list and a willingness to experiment.


HHO Generator Gas Conversion Kits have been known to boost performance, increase power and create cleaner vehicle emmissions. It uses electrolysis to break down water into HHO gas, also known as Browns Gas. The hydrogen-on-demand is then sucked into the intake manifold via your engines vacuum, mixes with the gasoline and viola....improve gas mileage! A hydrogen conversion gas saver basically turns your car into a hybrid, using water and gas as fuel. While buying a new hybrid can put you out $20,000 and more, this hydrogen converter runs less than $200. Plans are sold online and the parts you can easily find locally. 



H20 Diesel Hydrogen Generator

Sometimes known as hydrogen fuel boost kits, hydrogen generator kits can work on both cars and trucks. They've been used both gasoline and diesel vehicles, even semi-trucks, and can be quite simple to make and install. . Also known as water for gas for trucks, an h20 diesel can land you an increase in fuel mileage, which means more money in your pocket and less in the pump.

The hydrogen conversion device uses your vehicles battery and excess alternator power to turn the water into HHO (Oxydrogen) so you use less gasoline. On demand hydrogen allows your engine to use less fuel.

Vehicle emissions can be lowered via your hho generator kit so your ride runs smoother. HHO gas kits have been known to help to remove carbon deposits and can prolong the life of your engine.

What You Should Know if your Vehicle is Fuel Injected


Electronic Fuel Injection Handler

Fuel injected vehicles need an Electronic Fuel Injection Handler (EFIE) for all oxygen sensors upstream of the catalytic converter. Installing a modern hho electrolyzer to your engine will cause additional oxygen to appear in the exhaust. The computer will then add gas trying to "correct" this desirable condition. An EFIE is needed to compensate for this, and therefore achieve the full fuel savings available. For more information please :
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