Hypermiler Guide | Hypermiling MPG



Hypermiler Guide | Hypermiling MPG

Can You Really Double or Triple MPG with Hypermiling?

hypermiling guideThis hypermiler guide article gives you a sample of hypermiling mpg tips and tricks you can use today, including using a hypermiling gauge to measure mpg performance.

What is hypermiling? Perhaps the easiest way to answer that question is that hypermiling mpg is mostly based on you. The way you drive your vehicle on a daily basis can literally change a 28mpg ratio to 50-80mpg ratio and sometimes more.

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There is nothing like taking matters into your own hands, but hypermiling has to "take the cake" when it comes to making your car run more efficiently. Below, you will find various tips on how to maximize your gas mileage by radically  changing the way you drive your vehicle. We all have to start somewhere, and there is no better place than ourselves when it comes to saving fuel.

Hypermiler Guide Tip -  Try The Cruise Control And Neutral Methods

This may sound like common sense, but placing your vehicle on cruise control when you're on the highway is a great way to save gas. Test it out for yourself if you don't believe me. Next time you're driving on the highway and you hit the speed you drive on, don't look at the speed again for a few minutes.  Try this without using cruise control first.

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When you look back, see where the speed gauge is at and if it varied from where you first saw it. Do this for three or four consecutive minute periods and you'll notice the change. The fluctuation means your pedal is being moved constantly by you without locking in to a certain speed. This creates more strain on the acceleration process and eliminates any extra mileage you could have gained by simply letting the car stay on one speed.

Now, try and recall. Do you ever remember driving along and see an upcoming hill?  When you've been to the top have you ever put the car in neutral to see how far you could coast without pressing the gas pedal?  I know, sounds like something you would do if you're bored, right?  Well, even though this may be true, it actually helps add overall mileage to a tank of gas. This is the neutral method - put your car into neutral and coast down the hill.  Coasting uses 0 fuel!

This simple little test in awareness will help you remember to turn on the cruise control more often!

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