Hypermiler MPG | Hypermiling Manual



Hypermiler MPG | Hypermiling Manual

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If You're Serious About Getting Hypermiler MPG...

You're going to need a good hypermiling gauge. To get max mpg, you need constant immediate hypermiler mpg feedback on your driving style. That's why we recommend ScanGauge ii. This on-board computer tells you instant mpg and so much more.

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Hypermiler MPG : Feel Like A NASCAR Driver?

Hypermiling Manual 101 - How many times do you remember flying by someone going the speed limit on the highway as you hit 80 or 90mph. As you're looking like a race car driver, they're in the rearview mirror just laughing at you. Why? Well, speeding only decreases your overall gas mileage efficiency, and to a hypermiler mpg is what matters most. It's almost like the tortoise and the hare. You fly by, but have to stop to get gas more often as they cruise right past you at the gas station. The point is, don't speed and it can give you additional miles to your gas tank.

While speeding is bad for your mpg hypermilers suggest drafting can be beneficial. Now, keep in mind I'm not telling you to go out and look like Jimmie Johnson passing Dale Earnhardt Jr. with a little drafting skill. Of all the tips we've found on the internet for hypermiling, in our opinion, drafting probably has to be the worst one. Therefore you should not even try it on the road at all.  Is you life or other's lives really worth a few more miles per gallon?

Are Hypermilers Insane?  Why Are Hypermilers Getting a Bad Rap?

Lighter vehicles, rolling the windows up when on the highway and down throughout town, turning off the air conditioner, and several other tips make sense. In fact, we haven't even scratched the surface of all the various hypermiling strategies you can use to save gas and add mileage. But some people believe that hypermilers are too focused on saving gas and increasing mileage rather then the safety of themselves and others while driving.

This hypermiling manual recommends that hypermilers need to do their hypermiling without being stupid about it. A good example is when you see someone coasting through a red light. While they may not have seen the light, sometimes there is a reason for the coasting. Remember, coasting uses no fuel.

Stop signs are the same way. Many individuals will tell you they hate stopping when no one else is around. But Is it really worth causing an accident? If you must stop, STOP! Just slowly accelerate and you won't be losing out much on your increased gas mileage.

The last thing hypermilers are known for is over-inflating their tires to get maximum mpg. We do not recommend this, as it is dangerous and can cause blow-outs.

However, checking your tire pressure often, and keeping them full to manufacturer specifications IS one of the #1 things you can do to save a good 10% mpg. In fact, one study I read estimated an over $400 savings per year by keeping your tires properly inflated!

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