What is Clean Diesel ?



What is Clean Diesel?

Stink, Smoke, Soot a Thing of the Past

Clean Diesel refers to a new crop of diesel engines that use a combination of ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), a common-rail injection system (CRIS) and new age filters. Diesels that use this technology are typically referred to as CRD's. 

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If you are looking for a clean diesel vehicle in the US - look for brands like

VW, Mercedes, and BMW


Less Sulfer = Fewer Toxic Emmissions

what is clean dieselClean diesel fuel contains over 95% less sulfur than the previous blends of diesel fuel. This eliminates the stinky sulfur that is believed to cause acid rain and smog. The state of California leads the pack in demanding all diesel sold be USLD. People can now buy this fuel nationwide and USLD will become mandatory nationwide by 2010. Emissions in vehicles using clean diesel will immediately be cut by at least 10%.

Can USLD be used with Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is really a catch all phrase for any diesel made from plants or animals instead of petroleum. Petroleum diesel is commonly referred to now as "petrodiesel". So, can you use biodiesel with USLD petrodiesel? Yes. In fact, people want to mix biodiesel with USLD to increase the lubricity, limiting friction and wear on the engine. The use of biodiesel also decreases dependence on foreign oil.

The diesel engine created by Rudolf Diesel in 1890 isn't really too picky about what it burns. Diesel engines are highly efficient - some say 20-50% more efficient than gas engines due to the combustion process of a diesel.

Benefits of Improving Diesel Performance

Improving diesel performance is not only improving your vehicle but it is better for the atmosphere because you are putting less toxins into the air, which are the primary causes of global warming. Less carbon monoxide, fine particles, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere is good for everyone. Diesel fuels are responsible for less than 2% of the carbon monoxides pumped into the air. They are responsible for a little over 4% of the fine particles in the air. Diesel is only responsible for slightly over 3% of sulfur dioxide and 2.7% of the volatile organic compounds emitted into the air, but diesel fuel makes up for over 32% of the nitrogen oxides in the world emissions. This is where new age filter technologies come in. Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) have been known to irritate respiratory functions and result in smog. Mercedes-Benz offers maintenance-free particulate filters as standard equipment in their diesel passenger cars.

Why Use Clean Diesel?

Diesel vehicles today are not the noisy, stinky, sooty vechicles of the 80's. Today's diesel cars offer 35% and more better mpg than their gas counterparts and much greater reliability. Three top models include the Mercedez-Benz E320 Bluetec, Mercedes-Benz GL320 Bluetec and the Ford Powerstrok Pickup. If you decide to purchase a vehicle with a new diesel engine than you will notice an even bigger benefit of lower gas mileage and you will save money. What is clean diesel worth to you? Check out new models and decide for yourself.

Clean diesel and diesel engines run most efficiently when using a diesel fuel additive into your diesel fuel such as FFT.

If you are looking for information on how to run your car on biodiesel,

see DIY How to Make Biodiesel


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